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Dealing with and resolving a family law matter can be very difficult, both emotionally and financially. Finding the right lawyer to help assess the issues in your case and guide you through the process makes a real difference. If you are dealing with a divorce or other family law matter, including a complex or high asset property division, custody, parenting time (visitation), child support, spousal support (alimony), or other family law dispute, Portland lawyer Peter Bunch is committed to using his experience, knowledge, skills, and judgment to help resolve your issues professionally and efficiently.

Peter is a strong advocate for settling your case short of an expensive and contentious trial. Peter uses a wide range of alternative dispute resolution methods, including settlement conferences, mediation, and arbitration, because how you resolve the problems in your family law case will likely have long-lasting consequences for you and for your family.

If your case cannot be resolved using one of those methods, Peter is an accomplished and experienced trial lawyer and is a well-regarded advocate for his clients.

Peter represents a diverse range of clients on a wide variety of issues. Whether you live in Portland, Oregon City, Hillsboro, Bend, Seaside, Astoria, or elsewhere in northwest Oregon, and no matter what family law dispute you are experiencing, Peter’s goal is to provide the best service possible in helping to resolve your issues fairly and amicably.

A Note About The Coronavirus

We understand that many of our clients are concerned about the impacts of coronavirus on our community. We are providing this information to keep you informed about our firm’s preparations and the steps we are taking to mitigate risk from the virus.

There is a lot of uncertainty as the situation is still developing. We want to assure you that we are staying updated on the latest advice from public health officials and are implementing their recommendations in our workplace. A significant portion of our firm’s work on our clients’ behalf can be done remotely. We frequently work remotely under normal circumstances; since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Oregon, we have increased our ability to work remotely for our clients when they request it or as needed. We also have the ability to hold virtual meetings via Skype and other technology. If you are experiencing symptoms or have concerns about your own exposure, we can arrange for nearly all of our business to be conducted remotely. If you are a current client, please contact us to discuss the best solutions for your case. If you are a potential client, if you prefer, we will make arrangements to conduct our initial consultations virtually.

We are committed to doing our part to keep our clients and staff safe and look forward to continuing to serve your needs as the coronavirus situation evolves.

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